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Incorporating Sustainable Career Management in ESG.

Many are still wondering how can we incorporate sustainable career management in ESG. Sustainable career management involves taking a long-term approach to your work and making choices that not only benefit you in the short term but also have positive impacts on your future career growth and development. Here are 5 tips for practicing sustainable career management: Tips #1: Continuously improve your skills: Keeping your skills up-to-date and learning new ones will make you more competitive in the job market … Continue reading “Incorporating Sustainable Career Management in ESG.”

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Workshop Kerjaya. Nak join ke?

Kawan-kawan Baru-baru ni ada beberapa client baru saya merungut hantar profile kat syarikat, tapi respond pun takde. Jadi saya pun mintaklah copy cover letter dan/atau cover email, dan juga salinan resume untuk saya tengok… Pada pendapat saya, ada beberapa kemusykilan yang saya nampak: 1) cover letter/cover email tak padu 2) English TERUK GILER. Spelling nama jawatan pun ada salah (ni sebab tak detail oriented, kerja orang nak cepat) 3) resume masih old skool, guna font dan layout yang kurang menarik. … Continue reading “Workshop Kerjaya. Nak join ke?”

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5 Tips Menggunakan LinkedIn Dengan Lebih Berkesan

So, kita dah register dengan LinkedIn. Tengok menunya macam ok lah, senang nak navigate. Tapi, macam mana nak gunakan LinkedIn untuk menulis idea-idea kita? Kat bawah ni, saya tuliskan 5 tips untuk LinkedIn newbie: Sebelum kita request connection, karang sedikit ayat mengapa kita nak connect dengan orang tu. Contohnya – “Dear Hanie, I enjoyed reading your post on XYZ topic. May I request to connect with you?” Selepas dah connect tu, adab yang baik ialah untuk hantar ucapan terima kasih. … Continue reading “5 Tips Menggunakan LinkedIn Dengan Lebih Berkesan”

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Mental Health

Do you know that 1 in every 3 adults in Malaysia is struggling with mental health? * Imagine there are 3 of you sitting in a room. The likeliest that one of YOU is suffering from this condition is so real that it is no longer a joke. Mental health, just like it’s nasty friend, The Big C, robs you of time, family, productivity, and self. Why am I on this topic today?  Interestingly, in my daily dealings with my … Continue reading “Mental Health”

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3 phases of job search

That’s the total job search phases one will go through, #Haniesays 1) Phase 1, ideal phase – where there is no rush, still on holiday mode, cost of living is at optimum 6 months. Looking at all best/ideal job criteria, pays RM12 for morning latte 2) Phase 2, worrying phase – starts looking at job boards, talking to head hunters and friends, cost of living covers about 2-3 months. Striking out top 3 work values, pays RM6.50 for kopi 3) Phase … Continue reading “3 phases of job search”