Plan B and preparing for that Exit Day

Last week there were announcements that several agencies and companies are wrapping up for business. Some have been affected by right sizing. They were only given one month notice. I have experienced all these before and the memories still give me nightmares.

5 tips to handle all these uncertainties:

1) Get your work affairs in order and professionally. Complete your tasks. Do not simply leave with bad tastes and burn the bridge. Malaysia is not exactly a big country.

2) Start reviewing your options in hand, update your resume and look at your network

3) Do not forget to have a #courageousconversation with the spouse and family members. This is not just about you, but them as well.

4) Plan all of your financials carefully especially with the prospect of receiving compensations.

5) And this is IMPORTANT, be ready to review your lifestyle

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Stay strong, my friends.


Author: Hanie Razaif-Bohlender

Hanie is co-founder and General Manager of Dragonfire Corporate Solutions Sdn Bhd, a Kuala Lumpur-based management consulting firm, and Dragonfire Academy, a center for continuous adult learning. Hanie is widely known as “The Career Doctor” for her coaching roles with private clients in their quest to find clarity, happiness, and fulfilment during their career journey.

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