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The power of networking.

LinkedIn provides you with a platform to develop and nurture your brand positioning from ground zero up. It’s entirely up to you on how far, how wide, how niche you want it to be. It’s entirely up to you. I’m glad that my given nickname, The Career Doctor, caught the attention of Dato’ Aminahtun Karim, a lady extraordinaire. A former ambassador who has served countries all over the world including my husband’s country, Canada, we finally met just before Christmas. … Continue reading “The power of networking.”

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Monetising Trust and Managing Your Coffee Stain

Monetising Trust ni sebenarnya apa? Dan, pernah dengar “Coffee Stain” di dalam concept customer service? (Kalau tak lagi, sila tanya Abang Google.) Takpe, saya cerita sikit. Ini cerita benar. Cerita dari pagi tadi. Pagi tadi saya terima call dari seorang rakan yang baru dapat client. Client ni seorang fashion designer. Perjanjiannya ialah rakan ni akan menulis news mengenai fashion designer ni di dalam socmed dan juga news prints. Client dah bayar untuk kos service. (Ok, ini part monetising trust – … Continue reading “Monetising Trust and Managing Your Coffee Stain”